Hana Ali on Muhammad Ali's Last Moments: "All of His Organs Failed But His Heart Wouldn't Stop Beating"

Hana Ali gives a heart-wrenching account of her father Muhammad Ali's last moments.

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Since Muhammad Ali's death at the age of 74, scores of athletes and celebrities have offered up their condolences and shared their greatest memories with the legendary boxer.   

Early Saturday morning, Ali's daughter Hana Tweeted a heartfelt message to her father. "Our father was a 'Humble Mountain!'" she wrote. "And now he has gone home to God. God bless you daddy."

Our father was a "Humble Mountain!" And now he has gone home to God. God bless you daddy. YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!

— Hana Ali (@Hanayali) June 4, 2016

Later on, Hana returned to Twitter to share her account of his final moments, and showed just how much of a fighting spirit he had right up until the very end. According to Hana, even as all of his organs failed and his family told him, "You can go back to God now," Ali's heart continued beating for 30 minutes. 


— Hana Ali (@Hanayali) June 4, 2016

Even though his death can feel like a somber time, Ali's incredible work in the ring, impact on the world of boxing, and his impact on African-American athletes everywhere will live on forever—not to mention his memorable quotes that were sometimes hilarious, but always words to live by. As there are far too many great Ali one-liners to list them all here, we'll leave you with just one.

As the Greatest said himself, remember to "live everyday as if it were your last because someday you're going to be right."

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