Dwight Howard Rants to Twitter Follower Over Current Situation with Magic

He finally breaks his silence.

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From flip-flopping on whether or not he wants to stay with the Magic to nearly suing the only team he's ever played for, Dwight Howard has probably made himself into the most hated player in the NBA. And while he has remained quiet when it comes to his interactions with the media throughout this ongoing situation, Howard could no longer stay mum after a question by Markee Randolph was sent his way via Twitter

For those of you wondering, this Markee guy supposedly works at the Amway Arena and has spoken with Dwight before in person.

But Dwight didn't just simply respond to @MagicMarkee, he went on a full rant about the everything from the way he's being perceived to how the Magic truly treat him. Check out the direct messages sent to Markee and see if your opinion of D12 changes in the slightest:

OK, your opinion of Howard probably hasn't changed one bit, but we don't know how the Magic could even consider going through an entire year of this "he said, she said" stuff. Just trade the guy and keep it moving!      

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