Magic PG C.J. Watson Receives Free Meal After Being Mistaken for Pacers' C.J. Miles

Magic PG C.J. Watson received a free meal after he was mistaken for Pacers SG C.J. Miles.

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Orlando Magic guard C.J. Watson can't avoid people mistaking him for C.J. Miles of the Indiana Pacers, but sometimes, it actually pays off. On Tuesday, Watson vented on Twitter about how the case of mistaken identity has happened three times in "like three weeks," but there was a silver lining in the form of a free meal.

This is like the 3rd time in like 3 weeks somebody has called me @masfresco smh I kno I'm not that ugly lol but I got a free meal out it😂

— C.J. Watson (@Quietstorm_32) September 14, 2016

Watson also managed to take a little shot at his former Pacers teammate during the 2014-15 season, adding, "I know I'm not that ugly." After finding out about how Watson scored a free meal out of the confusion, Miles was more interested in discovering where he needed to go to reap the rewards of being the real C.J. Miles. 

Lmao bruh chill.. But where you eat at tho? I'm going lol

— C.J. Miles (@masfresco) September 14, 2016

The most remarkable thing about this story is that these two look nothing alike. Take a look at the above image of Watson, and compare it with the picture below of Miles. 

Do you even see a slight resemblance? Oh well, can't blame Watson from benefiting off of the case of mistaken identity. 

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