Report: The Philadelphia Eagles Are Signing Tim Tebow

Heeeeeeee's baaaaackkkkk

Image via USA TODAY Sports/Matthew Emmons

If you thought Chip Kelly was done turning the Philadelphia Eagles into his personal lab experiment, then you were very, very wrong. Having already jettisoned quarterback Nick Foles for Sam Bradford, Jay Glazer is reporting that the Eagles will sign former Denver Broncos, New England Patriots and New York Jets "quarterback" Tim Tebow tomorrow. 

Glazer goes on to say that, while they Eagles don't appear to be looking for Tebow to be anything more than their fourth string quarterback, he tweets that they "spent time w Tebows qb coach Tom House and are convinced he's improved a lot. if he hasn't no harm no foul as they have roster spots."

While most of America screams WHY LORD WHY HAVE YOU FORCED TEBOW'S PRESENCE ON US ONCE AGAIN, you can almost hear Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith doing a happy dance in their living rooms, as they can once again return to their "First Take" set and argue about whether Tebow can unseat Bradford by Week 5. So, that should be fun.

So batten down the hatches, people. Tebowmania is back, and Chip Kelly is its band leader. What a weird match made in heaven.

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