Russell Wilson and Ciara Just Got Married

Seahawks' Russell Wilson and Ciara reportedly got married today in a castle in Liverpool, England.

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Ciara have tied the knot as husband and wife in a very private ceremony in Liverpool, England, according to E! News. The high-profile couple exchanged vows in a castle in front of about 100 guests of their closes friends and family. The pair did not leave anything to chance and seemingly had all guests leave their cell phones outside the ceremony so that no pictures or videos of the event would make their way to the press or online as reported by TMZ.

However, Jennifer Hudson posted pictures of herself getting ready for an event on Instagram that many assumed to be the couple's wedding, which got a lot of fans excited. Hudson didn't specify where she was, but she did caption her posts with cryptic messages like "Here we go guys!" and "Love is your color" indicating that something special was about to go down.

Probably the biggest hint that the duo's wedding was coming was that Ciara hit Las Vegas in June for what now seems to have been a bachelorette party. Ciara's best friends, Serena Williams and Kelly Rowland, hit up the Wynn with Ciara's other close friends.

Ciara and Russell have been dating for over a year when he expertly dodged a question about their status to the press before making it official only two days later when he took the singer as his date to the White House State dinner. The pair later made headlines for their openness about their decision to abstain from sex until marriage. It left many feeling puzzled about the relationship since both were clearly not virgins prior to the relationship considering Ciara shares a child with her ex, Future. Ciara also faced backlash from Seahawks fans when the team struggled during the 2015 NFL season, but it didn't seem to phase the pair too much who stayed together and got engaged in March.

Of course, every public couple receives a little heat, but the greatest challenge for the pair was the very public custody battle of baby Future. Ciara filed a suit back in February accusing Future of slandering her name in public and seeking $15 million from him. Future shot back with a countersuit and things only got uglier from there until a judge denied Ciara full custody of their child. Future then dropped his suit because the legal victory awarded him more time with his son and all seemed cool between the couple until earlier this week when reports surfaced that Ciara was worried Future would kill Russell based on Instagram comments and song lyrics. Future shut the whole thing down with one tweet reading, "Wish everyone could move on like me...that's my only wish."

Hopefully, everyone can work everything out now that Ciara and Russell are married and both of them along with Future will all be permanent figures in baby Future's life. We also hope they don't wait too much longer to finally consummate their marriage because they've definitely earned it. Check out a glimpse of Ciara allegedly before the rehearsal dinner Tuesday evening, Russell heading to the venue Wednesday, and more below and congratulations to the new couple.

BREAKING NEWS: Allegedly Ciara & Russell Wilson Got Married Today In Liverpool, England. cc: @Ciara @DangeRussWilson
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