Top eSports Players Are Going to Race Real-Life Motor Sports Drivers to See Who's Really the Best

Pro motor sports stars will take on elite gamers in Las Vegas eSports race for a share of a $1 million prize pool.

Formula E
Formula E

Image via Formula E

Formula E

While the lines between eSports and ACTUAL competitive sports may not disappearing anytime soon it doesn’t mean that competition between the two is impossible. At the next Consumer Electric Show (CES) in Las Vegas ten of the best virtual drivers from around the world will be pitted against 20 drivers from Formula E, with a chance at winning a share of $1 million.

The 'Road to Vegas Challenge' will have competitors using Playseat simulators in a series of online qualifying races, which will then culminate in ten gamers going up against the 20 Formula E drivers in the Las Vegas eRace.

Speaking on the 'Road to Vegas Challenge' CEO of Formula E, Alejandro Agag, said:

"Formula E takes one more giant step in engaging with our fans. Gamers from all over the world will be able to participate in the 'Road to Vegas Challenge' and earn themselves the opportunity to race against the Formula E drivers in a unique eRace"

If you think you’ve got the skills to enter the competition click here to enter. Additionally, if you would like more information on Formula E click here.

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The Road to Vegas Challenge will take place next year, January 5-7, at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

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