Curry 2028? Steph Says He’s Considering a Career in Politics After Retiring From NBA

The Warriors star discussed his political aspirations while promoting his new children's book 'I Am Extraordinary.'

Stephen Curry in a Golden State Warriors shirt looks up with a confident smile
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Stephen Curry in a Golden State Warriors shirt looks up with a confident smile

Steph Curry turns 36 this week, and while his NBA career is far from over, the Warriors star is already thinking about what he'll do off the court when the day comes. Maybe he'll even step into the Oval Office.

This week Curry appeared on CBS Mornings to promote his new children's book I Am Extraordinary, where he was asked about any future political aspirations, including a potential presidential run.

"Steph Curry for president?" CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan asks at the 4:45-minute mark of the video below.

"Maybe," Curry responds. "I have an interest in leveraging every part of my influence for good in the way that I can. So if that’s the way to do it, then–I'm not saying the presidency–but politics, that's [a] maybe."

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Curry, who's expecting his fourth child with wife Ayesha Curry, gave a speech during a White House briefing last January. On behalf of his team, he gifted President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris customized Golden State Warriors gear during the visit. At the time, he thanked President Biden and VP Harris for their efforts to have WNBA player Brittney Griner return to the U.S. following her detention in Russia.

"If politics is a way that you can create meaningful change, or if there's another way outside of politics that we can do," Curry continues, before Duncan predicts a presidential run in 2028.

"Not that soon," he responds while laughing.

Watch the full CBS interview above.

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