Fans Fight in the Stands at Rams vs Chargers Preseason Game

An all-out brawl erupted in the stands at the Rams vs. Chargers preseason game in Los Angeles, with one fan fighting four at once at some points.


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There have been several fights between fans as live sporting events have returned during the latter half of the year. Some have created viral meme moments, but most have just ended up dampening a positive sporting event.

The latest skirmish between fans happened in Los Angeles during the Rams vs. Chargers preseason game. A group of fans was getting into it, eventually escalating to an all-out brawl.

Aaron Donald jersey caught a mean 100 piece

— , (@dubs4o8) August 15, 2021

Footage from the altercation shows one fan in a white Aaron Donald jersey arguing with a group of others in the stands when suddenly someone throws a cup at him and they all begin fighting. At one point, the fan in the Donald jersey was fighting more than four others at once, and the footage ends with the fan flipped over to the row of seats below him.

Welcome to Los Angeles 😂 @GrindFaceTV #SofiStadium

— Coach Drew📋 (@Just_A5) August 15, 2021

Overhead footage that someone got shows how many people were involved in the brawl. Based on the videos circulating social media, it didn’t look like security came to until the fight had already ended. Additional videos show the fan in the Donald jersey, who went up against the four others, bloodied and beaten after the fight had ended.

According to TMZ, that fan was escorted out by security after the fact. It's unclear what caused the brawl, but it could have been sparked by the intense rivalry between the Chargers and Rams boiling over into the stands.

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