The Utah Jazz Filled Rookie Rudy Gobert's Range Rover with Popcorn to Teach Him a Lesson

Gotta' pay your dues.

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NBA players messing with each other's cars is nothing new, but it's always entertaining to see multi-millionaire's treat each other's luxury vehicles with such disregard. This time the victim (in the loosest sense of the word) was Utah Jazz rookie Rudy Gobert. He learned the hard way not to forget donuts. 

Gobert came out to his Range Rover to find it filled with popcorn. He handled the buttery prank with grace—much better than Kenyon Martin did on April Fools Day 2010 when he found his own Range in a similar state. Next time Gobert isn't likely to forget his rookie duties. Buying donuts is cheaper and less time consuming than an extensive interior detailing. 

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[via Bleacher Report

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