The Last Corvette Pulled From the Museum Sinkhole Looks Like A "Saw" Movie Victim

The last Corvette was pulled from the National Corvette Museum sinkhole, and it's extremely damaged.

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If you're squeamish you might want to look away now. The photo of the last Corvette pulled out of the infamousNational Corvette Museum sinkhole is not safe for life. General Motors has said it'll repair the damaged 'Vettes, but this 2001 Malett Hammer Z06 is beyond saving. 

It took so long to recover the last Corvette because workers weren't able to find it. The director of the Museum told Kevin Helmintoller, who donated the Z06, he might not want to watch the recovery. Still, Helmintoller was brave enough to travel to Kentucky to see the carnage first hand.

"Honestly though, I'm still glad I'm here because I would have never believed it was this bad," Helmintoller said. "I'm not positive I would have recognized it—there are just a few little pieces that give it away." 

Excuse me while I go faint now...

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[via National Corvette Museum

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