Erin Andrews on Athleisure, Ryan Seacrest, and Crying at the Super Bowl

Erin Andrews talks everything from athleisure apparel, to women coaching in the NFL, to Ryan Seacrest during our interview at Super Bowl 50

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We caught up with Erin Andrews in San Francisco ahead of Super Bowl 50, where she showed off Levi's new NFL collection that includes gear for all 32 teams. (Even my beloved, though depressing, Los Angeles Rams. Stay strong, STL.)

We chatted with Andrews about everything from her love for athleisure apparel, to her goal of becoming the female Ryan Seacrest, and her emotional memories of her first Super Bowl. We even covered women coaching professional sports teams and Erin's personal preference in men.

Check out the video above to see COMPLEX News ham it up with Andrews as we get ready for the Panthers to take on the Broncos in the big game.

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