Premiere: Mason Plumlee Raps and Shoots Money Guns With Viral Rangers Fan Will Roush in Their New Video "4500"

Portland Trail Blazers center Mason Plumlee teams up to "kill the game" and blow money with Connecticut rapper Will Roush on his latest track, "4500."

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Will Roush, the notorious New York Rangers fan-turned-viral fascination who spent "hundreds only" on tickets to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals this past May is back. No, not in Madison Square Garden. This time, the Connecticut native is on a New York City rooftop blowing money fast (and out of a money gun) with former Brooklyn Nets center Mason Plumlee. 

Following a draft day trade, "Plumdog Millionaire" is now a member of the Portland Trail Blazers, but a change of scenery won't keep him from "killin' the game." But did Plumlee hold his own on the track? You be the judge: Listen to Plumlee's verse for yourself, and read through our transcription of it below.

I’m with the waterboy, Bobby Boucher
Evian bottles on replay
No Cuvée, no D’ussé
That agua needs two trays
At the Rangers game
I side with no lames
Already on the bench, give my boy Roush that 10-day
[Benjamin Franklin is killlin’ the game!]
It’s your boy Plums that’s my name
Money gun
What up, I’m Plumdog Millionaire with no aim
[Benjamin Franklin is killin the game!]
I seen Jay at the game
Hey, What up Hovi
Look at my jersey I’m the one and only
Tell the Russians I said: "Hundreds only"
Like Moss said, "Straight cash, homie."
Ben Franklin, we will clone
It was love at first sight with that college loan
I smash on my last song
Look I don’t rap, but when in Rome

Is a collaboration with Dame DOLLA on the way? We can only hope.

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