Lolo Jones Sympathizes With Oscar Pistorius: "I Have a Dad Who Was in Prison For Murder"

Why is Lolo Jones sympathizing with Oscar Pistorius?

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Lolo Jones is known for creating controversy every now and then, as the famously outspoken track and field athlete has shared her unfiltered thoughts on anything from Drake's hosting gig at the ESPYs to her Olympic-sized paycheck

However, while leaving the Los Angeles airport on Thursday, Jones decided to speak on a situation she may have been better off avoiding: the Oscar Pistorius murder trial. Pistorius was recently convicted of culpable homicide, and was sentenced to five years in prison, but Jones refused to completely condemn Pistorius for the death of Reeva Steenkamp. 

Trailed by a TMZ Sports reporter, Jones said she wasn't too caught up on the Pistorius case after the reporter asked her about the matter, but said "it's hard for me, because I actually have a dad who was in prison for murder." She also called herself "non-judgmental" about "people who are struggling or having crime". 

"There's two sides to the story," said Jones. 

Again, she reminded the reporter that she wasn't too familiar with all the specifics of the case, and said that she couldn't make a "proper statement" on the matter. However, she probably would've been wiser to steer clear of the conversation altogether. Jones doesn't defend Pistorius, but expressing sympathy for a convicted killer isn't a great look for a public figure, especially when they don't know all the details of the murder. 

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