Kansas City Chiefs Fan Tasered at NFL Preseason Game Last Night (Video)

"Don't tase me, bro."

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Last night, the Kansas City Chiefs played host to the Cincinnati Bengals, defeating the visiting team 41-39. However, the field wasn't the only place where the action was happening. Up in the stands, one fan caught an Instagram of another fan being tased by the stadium security as they attempted to remove the fan from the stadium. 

The details concerning the event remain unclear, but in a year that has already endured some high-profile incidents of police brutality, we hope that this isn't another example of unnecessary force. However, the NFL is known for its rowdy, and oftentimes unruly, fans. In 2013, fan injuries and instances of public drunkenness became increasingly common throughout NFL stadiums, sometimes even resulting in death. However, we don't know what state of mind this man was in when he was being handled by security. So, we can't say for certain who is in the wrong and who is in the right here. 

We've reached out to the Instagram user who posted the video for comment. 

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Aaron Hodges, the Instagram user who posted the video, has replied to us in a series of tweets regarding the incident: 


So, it appears that the man was forcefully subdued after asking for an explanation as to why he was being apprehended. Do you think security was justified with their actions?

We'll continue to update the post as we hear more about the story.

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