Which '90s NBA All-Star Are You?

Are you actually like Mike? Find out which '90s NBA All-Star you are with our quiz.

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The '90s are revered as one of the greatest decades in the history of professional basketball. The style of play was tough and unforgiving, the superstars were bigger than ever, and, of course, MJ was MJ.

But Michael Jordan wasn't the only famous face to make his mark during the decade. Stars like Patrick EwingDennis RodmanScottie PippenCharles Barkley, and Karl Malone made their names during this era, playing themselves straight into the Hall of Fame in the process. Fans idolized them, future players emulated them, and lesser opponents hated them. 

But out of these famous names and faces, who do you match up with the best? We all want to be like Mike, but with our personality quiz, you can find out which '90s NBA All-Star you truly are. 




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