Shaq's Son Says Kobe Bryant Offered to Train Him

Shaq’s son Shareef O’Neal revealed that he plans to train with Kobe Bryant this summer.

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Years removed from a feud that once saw his dad ask his future teacher to tell him "how my ass tastes," Shaquille O'Neal's son Shareef O'Neal is apparently set to get private tutoring lessons this summer from none other than Kobe Bryant.

The 16-year-old O'Neal told the news to TMZ Sports and revealed that it came about after he bumped into Kobe at this year's NBA All-Star Game. According to him, Kobe approached him and offered to train with him. While speaking with TMZ Sports, Shareef also made it clear that Shaq and Kobe get along a lot better than they used to and that they even "call and text" all the time.

When it comes to his future training, Shaq's son said that he wouldn't take it easy on the old man (and his bad shoulder, bad Achilles, bad knee, and other bad knee). Shareef said that he plans to "try and cross him over" when they take the court together.

The relationship between Shaq and Kobe has warmed up tremendously since their dysfunctional pairing on Lakers. Long gone is any bad blood from Kobe "snitching" on Shaq about hush money for mistresses or Shaq razzing a young Kobe about his stick-up-his-butt demeanor, with the big man even embracing Bryant and calling him a "bad motherfucker" following his 60-point performance in his final game. And now, it looks like Kobe will be teaching some of the tricks of the trade to Shaq's own flesh and blood.

If you see Shaq's kid emulating the Black Mamba more than his own dad in a few years, now you'll know why.

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