Shaq Calls Out LaVar Ball for Price of Lonzo's New Shoes

Shaq called out LaVar Ball for the price of Lonzo's $495 debut shoes.

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On Thursday, constantly-trending LaVar Ball trended once again after unveiling the debut shoe from his Big Baller Brand, the ZO2 Prime, which is coming out for the shockingly high price of $495. Here's a look in case you haven't seen them yet:

Not surprisingly, that exorbitant cost was met with some online derision, because even though LaVar lost a lot of support when he said he could've "killed" Michael Jordan in his prime, he's still here to stay for a while.

One of those calling out Ball was none other than Shaq, who happens to offer up his own line of affordable sneakers, which are about 1/30th the price of the ZO2's.

In addition to Shaq, a bunch of less famous people made pretty much the same point:

If we were you, we'd hold off on buying that Big Baller Brand stock for just a minute.


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