Ravens Rookie Ronnie Stanley Adopts "Not-So-Adoptable" Dog No One Else Wanted

Ravens rookie Ronnie Stanley asked to adopt a “not-so-adoptable" dog no one else wanted at a Baltimore animal shelter.

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When an NFL player makes headlines, more often than not it's for the wrong reasons. So it's really nice to see the story Bark Post published on Ravens rookie Ronnie Stanley, which might just be the most heartwarming story to come out of the NFL in recent months.

According to Bark Post, Stanley—an offensive lineman out of Notre Dame who we interviewed just before he was drafted by the Ravens with the sixth overall pick in this year's NFL Draft—walked into BARCs, the biggest animal shelter in Baltimore, last weekend along with his girlfriend and a teammate and asked for a "dog that’s been here a long time and [is] maybe not-so-adoptable."

The couple then looked at a set of pooches matching the criteria and walked away with 6-year-old Winter, a hound that was found locked in a room in an empty house in May without any food or water. When she was discovered, it was hot outside and the house's windows were closed, so Winter was dehydrated and, understandably, very scared. To add to that, she also had a sagging belly, likely from overbreeding. Due to her age, her stomach will never not sag, but according to BARCs, Stanley was fine with it and said, "Well, that's just what happens when you've had babies."

Shortly after adopting the dog, Stanley and his girlfriend took several photos with Winter. You can see one above, and there's another below:

BARCs posted a long Facebook post about their experience with Stanley on Facebook:

Cool move by everyone involved—except, of course, for the dog's previous owners.

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