Only Family Can Keep LeBron James in Cleveland, According to Newest Rumor

Marc Stein of ‘NYT’ says that those familiar with LeBron's way of thinking believe only pleading from family members could keep him in Cleveland.

Though there are exceptions to almost every rule, pretty much all the news rumors about where LeBron James plans on playing next year sound bad for Cavs fans. Consider this latest gossip in line with that pattern.

On Friday, Marc Stein of The New York Times (who himself was citing sources that were "privy to James' thinking") stated that "pleading from family members appears to be the only force that could persuade him to extend his second stint with the Cavs and resist the opportunity to switch teams, as he did in 2010 and again in 2014."

There is no smoking gun that has tied LeBron to any one team, though common rumors have pegged Houston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and still Cleveland as potential landing spots. Also, not surprisingly, Stein writes that LeBron's motivation is likely championships (instead of championship runners-up) as his career enters what may be the twilight years, or at least somewhere close to them.

"The leaguewide belief, of course, is that chasing championships is James's priority, which necessitates relocating to a team far better equipped to do so than the Cavaliers," Stein wrote. "He can do so either by signing elsewhere as a free agent after July 1 or opting into the final season of his current Cleveland contract and forcing a trade to a new home."

Honestly, July can't come soon enough.

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