The Cavaliers and Warriors are matched up in the NBA Finals for the fourth consecutive year—it's the first time in NBA history that has happened. It's incredible that they've each made it back this many times without a hiccup, and it's hard to imagine we could see a fifth-straight Finals showdown.

The biggest reason that seems unlikely: we have no idea whether LeBron James will return to the Cavs this offseason. LeBron has a player option to opt out of the final year of his three-year deal, and fans have speculated for more than a year now about where he could end up. 

The 76ers want him and reportedly are gaining confidence they could sign him. Chris Paul is reportedly trying to bring him to Houston. Rumors have long linked LeBron to Los Angeles, and the Lakers fans are hopeful King James will go the Hollywood route. Cavs fans, of course, won't lose him without a fight.

No one knows what LeBron's future holds, and how this Finals pans out will likely play a huge role in his decision. If you care about Vegas' opinion, the sportsbooks seem to believe LBJ will end up somewhere other than Cleveland this offseason.

The Cavs' 2019 title odds are only 30-1, slimmer than those of the Heat and Spurs. Meanwhile, the other top contenders to land LeBron—Philly, Houston, and Los Angeles—are all in the top five.

One sportsbook manager said his book considers the Sixers LeBron's likeliest landing spot and the Cavs would jump to 12-1 if King James returns to the Land.

The Cavs are currently down 2-0 in the NBA Finals. Game 3 is set for Wednesday in Cleveland at 9 p.m. EST.