Knicks' Derrick Williams Has $750K in Jewelry Stolen After Night of Partying

Blames two women he brought home.

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Early Saturday morning Knicks forward Derrick Williams lost almost a million dollars in jewelry after bringing home the wrong two women from a club whilst celebrating the team's win over the 76ers (is that really something to celebrate?) with friends. The duo reportedly plundered a Louie Vuitton case with $750,000 in jewelry from a closet in Williams' Broadway apartment. He noticed it missing yesterday afternoon. Previously Williams had posted a few pictures of his semi-ostentatious bling on his Instagram account (Though to be fair, so does pretty much everybody).

NYPD are reportedly investigating the possibility that the theft was connected with a rash of similar crimes perpetrated by young women targeting men flaunting their wealth at local clubs/bars. Earlier in December a watch dealer out of Beverly Hills had a nearly $600,000 timepiece snagged by two women at a strip club. When asked about the theft after last night's win against the Bulls, Williams said "I don’t want to talk about it. It’s still up in the air.”

Anyway, you've be warned.

[via NY Post]

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