Go Ahead and Thank LeBron James For the Release of Kendrick Lamar's 'untitled unmastered'

Tweets have reach.

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LeBron James has enough Twitter followers to build a fairly large nation and, when he's not subtweeting his feelings like an overly dramatic 14-year-old, can channel that platform for good. Case-in-point, last week LeBron sent a post-Grammys message to TDE's CEO Anthony" Top Dawg" Tiffith to release Kendrick Lamar's untitled tracks:

Yo @dangerookipawaa after that @kendricklamar Grammy performance , you have to release those untitled tracks asap!!! What's up? Talk to me

— LeBron James (@KingJames) February 23, 2016

This request carried considerably more weight than your average Twitter egg, and put the chief executive officer in a thinking mood:

Dam my nigga u on my head 2...The fans been killing me. Y'all just backed me in a corner..Give me a few days 2 think https://t.co/5mFIPYUMXJ

— TOP DAWG #TDE (@dangerookipawaa) February 23, 2016

And by now you probably know that that happened. Perhaps you think the timing is purely coincidental, but we'd say Top Dawg dispelled any notion of that with an Instagram post telling you where to send your gratitude, captioning it:"Yea muthafuckas KING KENDRICK returns 2nite.. Thank @kingjames for this.... #TDE":

Here's several fans who actually expressed their appreciation towards LeBron, doing so in place of the far more common combination of misguided anger and hairline jokes:

@KingJames @KelECash you better thank lebron, he did this for us

— maynard (@aldfalk) March 4, 2016

@KingJames @kendricklamar @dangerookipawaa thanks for this bron bron

— dj100proof (@dj100proof) March 4, 2016

@KingJames Thank you, fam

— brandon (@TheRealClassic) March 4, 2016

@KingJames @kendricklamar @dangerookipawaa heck yeah thank you lebron!!!

— To.pimp.a.championship.20 (@RDelgadillo27) March 4, 2016

Shout out to @KingJames for the lob! Without you we may have never had these tracks from Top Dawg.

— LeJerion (@WhoIsLeJerion) March 4, 2016

@KingJames can u ask for frank ocean now

— alex (@ultralightbeam) March 4, 2016

@KingJames can you get Frank Ocean to release something tonight too or.......

— Kayla Grey (@Kayla_Grey) March 4, 2016

@KingJames @kendricklamar @dangerookipawaa ASK FOR FRANK OCEAN

— kam (@kampagnepapi) March 4, 2016

Ask @JayElectronica to drop his long awaited album @KingJames 🙏

— Bread McButter (@Apollo4Real) March 4, 2016

@KingJames ask Hov for his secret album

— The Middleman (@ClothesedJon) March 4, 2016

Also, here are some ingrates who already want more:

SMH. Some people just can't recognize a win when they see it.

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