LeBron James Says Tom Brady Is the 'GOAT' for Super Bowl Win

LeBron James, like most everyone right now, labeled Tom Brady the "GOAT" after the Patriots completed their improbable Super Bowl comeback.

Sunday night, after the Falcons completely gagged away the Super Bowl, LeBron James sent out a congratulatory message to the Patriots, which is apparently his new thing. "Much respect to both the Patriots and the Falcons, but what an unbelievable comeback," James said, moments before giving a special shout-out to (who else?) Tom Brady.

"A major salute to the GOAT Tom Brady on your fifth championship. I mean, as a kid, man, you dream of moments like that and you definitely did it."

James, who has made it very clear that he's a fan when he's not playing, then recapped the past year, which has included multiple choke-jobs comebacks spanning pretty much every major sport in America. "Y’all just think about the last two years or last year or last eight months in sports we’ve had," he said. "From the Cubs to Clemson to Villanova to the Patriots, wow. It’s been an unbelievable chain of sporting events capped off by the Patriots tonight. Salute to the Pats. Salute."

Notice that in his statement there's no mention of a certain West Coast team that blew a certain 3-1 lead. Guess there's been enough reminders of that on the internet.

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Anyway, it's one thing for Brady to win over a bunch of heavily bearded blue collar fisherman in New England, it's another for him to win over the greatest athlete on the planet:

While most everyone seems to agree that Brady's fifth championship makes him the greatest QB ever, now we guess the question/rabid argument pivots to whether or not he's the greatest sports figure ever. And also, if nothing else, it's refreshing to see a message on Twitter that wasn't attempting to ruin the Super Bowl by making it about the tweeter's personal politics.

We'd say LeBron deserves his own salute for that.

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