Klay Thompson Shares Tribute to Durant: 'He’s the Reason There Are Banners Hanging in the Rafters of Oracle'

Klay Thompson shows his injured teammate some love prior to Game 6.

Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant

Image via Getty/Jesse D. Garrabrant

Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant

Prior to Thursday night's Game 6 Klay Thompson sent out an emotional note to Kevin Durant, who was last seen in a hospital bed recovering from a ruptured Achilles. We'd rehash the story but you have to know it by now.

In any event, Thompson addressed Warriors fans by stating that Durant's "the reason there are banners in the rafters of Oracle." That would be a nod to 2017 and '18 respectively, though you're already aware it wouldn't apply to '15. This is no time for snake emojis.

Read in its entirety it would seem to suggest that Golden State fans are going to get up as an emotional response to seeing Durant go down in Game 5. It also ended by pointing out that Thursday night's game is the last one in Oracle Arena, which could potentially bum you out. Especially if you're pissed about the team exiting Oakland for San Francisco.

Matter fact, here it is in its entirety...twice, for good measure:

Gameday, and it’s obviously a big one.

But DubNation, I need you to reflect on the fact that we would not be in this position if it weren’t for this man and his sacrifices. He’s the reason there are banners hanging in the rafters of Oracle. I’m gonna need every Dubs fan in the building tonight to bring the same fire K brought everyday to the court 🔥 😤!! It’s not gonna be the same running out that tunnel without u bro. We all know this is a minor set back for a major comeback !! Nothing can impede this mans greatness. 🐐

Speaking of oracle, let’s lay it all out there tonight in honor the of the 47 years in this beautiful building . Let’s get it DubNation! #doitforK #onelastdance #webelieve

Well said.

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