If Jimmy Kimmel Can't Convince Rams Player Williams Hayes That Dinosaurs Were Real, No One Can

Jimmy Kimmel tried—and ultimately failed—to convince Rams defensive end William Hayes that dinosaurs are real.

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If you watched HBO's Hard Knocks this summer, then you likely remember that Rams defensive end William Hayes revealed that he doesn't think dinosaurs ever existed, while simultaneously professing his belief in mermaids. As ex-teammate Chris Long previously explained last December, Hayes "thinks archaeologists place bones underground like a parent would place Easter eggs" to trick us all into believing dinosaurs were, at one time, real. "It's some large conspiracy," Long said. "He does not believe that dinosaurs ever existed and he thinks that mermaids are real. I love dinosaurs, so we have a big point of contention."

It was a pretty big subplot throughout the Rams' preseason, and while we admit that it's possible Hayes was (and still is) kidding about all of this, he's also talked about this so much that it's hard to tell anymore.

To put Hayes' disbelief in dinosaurs to the test, Jimmy Kimmel arranged a grown-up field trip to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles recently. During it, Kimmel attempted to convince Hayes that dinosaurs were, in fact, real, and not just a million-year-old plot by archaeologists to someday create employment opportunities for themselves.

This is actually Hayes' second televised field trip arranged by someone trying to persuade him that dinosaurs aren't a hoax, and as you might expect, Hayes was just as unmoved this time around by the bones of prehistoric earth lizards. But he did spice things up a little bit by talking about how he would definitely have sex with a mermaid if given the opportunity, which is...uh, okay?

You can check out Hayes' appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the clip above.

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