Goran Dragic Uses a Dinosaur to Scare His Suns Teammates

He couldn't scare Gerald Green.


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Last Halloween, the Suns mascot hid inside a garbage can located in a hallway in the team's U.S. Airways Center and scared the crap out of players as they walked down it. He scared just about everyone…except for Gerald Green.

This year, Suns guard Goran Dragic raised the stakes by using a dinosaur to do the same exact thing. And he was successful in scaring almost everyone, including Eric Bledsoe, Tyler Ennis, and Archie Goodwin. But once again, Green was not scared and walked right past the dinosaur without even flinching.

Watch the clip above to see how many Suns players Dragic was able to scare. How is the team going to top this next year?

[via Eye on Basketball]

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