Rams Coach Jeff Fisher Releases Receiver Deon Long for Bringing Woman Into His Dorm Room

Rams coach Jeff Fisher released wide receiver Deon Long last week for bringing a woman into his dorm room.

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HBO's Hard Knocks made its Season 10 premiere on Tuesday night, and while Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q stole the show at one point by showing off their skills on the football field, the highlight of the Rams' debut episode took place when head coach Jeff Fisher cut a player for bringing a woman into his dorm room after Fisher specifically told his team that visitors were not allowed. Deon Long was asked to pack up his stuff and leave during a really awkward scene that featured the receiver trying to explain himself to his now-former coach:

Rules are RULES ! ! ! #Rams pic.twitter.com/fhZjK8iQpE

— History of Sports (@BeforeFamePics) August 10, 2016

Long was actually released by the team back on July 31 in what seemed like a relatively routine transaction by the Rams. However, Hard Knocks pulled back the curtain and revealed the real reason the 25-year-old Long was cut by Fisher by showing that Fisher went out of his way to tell his team that he only had two rules for them to follow: Show up on time and don't have any visitors in the cramped dorms. Long didn't abide by the second rule, so he had to go.

Would Fisher have done the same thing if it had been, say, Tavon Austin instead of Long? Unlikely. But he ripped into his team later and referred to Long's blatant disregard for one of his rules as "7-9 bullshit."

"I’m not fucking going 7-9 or 8-8 or 9-7," Fisher said. "We have too much talent here for that. We had some 7-9 bullshit this morning and we can’t have that. Deon is gone. That is 7-9 bullshit and we don’t need it."

The good news for Long: He signed with the Eagles five days after the Rams cut him. But the bad news is that he had one of the most embarrassing moments of his professional life broadcast on HBO. Not fun.

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