Jahlil Okafor Was Reportedly Pulled Over For Driving 108 MPH

On a stretch of road where anything above 40 MPH was considered "reckless driving."

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Jahlil Okafor is having a rough first couple months as a pro, one that was expected with an awful team on the court (0-17 now), but not so much off of it. Earlier this week he got into a fight with a heckler outside a nightclub and then, 24 hours later, we found out that this wasn't his first such confrontation, and that he had had a gun pointed at him during a previous encounter in early October. At 6'11" Okafor is hard to miss, both for witnesses of any altercation, and also for anybody crazy enough to pull a trigger over a pointless conflict.

This morning the bad news for the Sixers first-rounder continued to trickle out as we learned that Okafor was pulled over earlier this month, on the Ben Franklin Bride, for going 108 MPH in a zone where anything over 40 is considered "reckless driving." 

His season (not his team's) has been solid thus far, but that's unlikely to matter if he continues to listen to people trying to agitate him and/or slams into something, or someone, doing 108.

[via Philly.com]

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