Ja Rule Thinks Michael Jordan Gets Money for the Crying Jordan Meme

Ja Rule doesn't understand how the Crying Jordan meme works.

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In a string of tweets that seemed like a joke at first, Ja Rule laughed at anybody who has ever used the Crying Jordan meme on Twitter early Monday. He did so after citing a stat that he pulled directly from his butt a parody site that indicated that MJ makes a profit off the meme.

The "stat" that Ja Rule read in the story, which is in quotes for obvious reasons, stated that Jordan gets $1 every time his blubbering face gets Photoshopped on to every single picture that's ever existed. The story Ja Rule referenced, which appeared on a site called tmzcomedy.com, featured lines that made it seem like it was obviously fake. "Michael says while everybody is laugh at him crying. He's laughing at everybody crying over bills and failed relationships," one line read. Another, in all caps, read, "IT WAS EITHER PAY HIM OR TAKE THEM DOWN AND LET’S BE HONEST. THEM SH*TS WAY TOO FUNNY'—FACEBOOK CEO". Ja Rule didn't get the joke:

The since-deleted tweets ended up getting seen—and screengrabbed—by a number of Twitter users who called Ja Rule out for falling for the fake story:

.@Ruleyork True story fam pic.twitter.com/KAUlGJlFqI

— Habitual Pot Stirrer (@SwooshMcDuck) May 9, 2016

And then there was, which was inevitable, and was probably the first thing that popped into your head when you saw the headline for this story:

Just remember, we all make mistakes. Maybe not about something as monumentally important as this. But still, take it easy on the man.

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