Watch Chandler Parsons Annoy the Hell Out of Blake Griffin During a Flight

Watch Chandler Parsons mess with Blake Griffin relentlessly during a flight.

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Chandler Parsons looks like a real pain in the ass to sit next to on a plane, and not only because he's 6-foot-10 and his limbs would probably spill out over into your seat. No, he looks like a pain in the ass based upon the video above, where he torments Blake Griffin by (in order): opening his window covers, messing with his magazines, smacking his phone out of his hand, and calling the flight attendant. Parsons then puts his smelly shoes on the arm rest and dips his fingers in Griffin's water before touching him with it.

And though this is probably staged, to some extent at least, A.) He's still doing it, and B.) This is not an isolated incident:

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Lesson learned. If you see Chandler Parsons in a boarding line, don't risk waiting to see where he sits. Just tell an air marshal that he said he had a bomb or something.

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