Somehow, 20 MLB Teams Are Interested in Watching Tim Tebow's Baseball Tryout

There are reportedly 20 MLB teams interested in attending Tim Tebow's baseball tryout in late August.

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Tim Tebow hasn't played baseball in more than a decade, and he's never played alongside pro baseball players, either, after quitting the sport to pursue a career in football after high school. But as first reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter in early August, Tebow is going to try and break into the big leagues in the near future:

At first, the whole Tebow-playing-baseball thing sounded silly, but it seems he has some interest from MLB teams. Many MLB scouts are likely just interested in checking out the media circus surrounding Tebow, but regardless of why they're going, 20 MLB teams are reportedly sending scouts to watch Tebow work out next Tuesday at a tryout in Los Angeles, according to Schefter:

For nearly a year, the former Heisman winner has reportedly been practicing his hitting and fielding skills in both Los Angeles and Arizona in anticipation of such an opportunity. He also reportedly tried out for the Dodgers before the 2016 season started, with the organization "showing interest" before ultimately deciding to pass on Tebow.

According to ESPN's Tim Kurkjian, the first thing that teams will likely do at Tebow's tryout is "check his tools." That sounds vague, but Kurkjian says it basically means they're going to "watch him run" and "watch him throw" because those are things that can't really be taught by a team. They'll then test him in a batting cage and watch how he takes fly balls in the outfield.

Prior to giving up on baseball after his junior season at Nease High School in Florida, Tebow was an all-state player who batted .494 with four home-runs and led his team to within one game of a state championship. That was all the way back in 2005 and was, of course, high school baseball, not pro ball, but he's at least got a foundation in place.

Now, do you think anyone will actually sign him after his workout is over?

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