Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss Reflects on Kobe Bryant's Death: 'My Father Loved You Like a Son, Which Makes Us Family'

Jeanie Buss took to Instagram where she shared her thoughts on Kobe Bryant's death.

NBA player Kobe Bryant and Jeanie Buss

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NBA player Kobe Bryant and Jeanie Buss

Kobe Bryant was considered to be one of the greatest Lakers of all time. Through the 20 seasons he spent with the franchise, Bryant developed deep bonds within the organization, and his untimely demise created a shock wave that has rattled the front office. 

On Thursday, Lakers owner, Jeanie Buss, took to Instagram where she shared her thoughts on Kobe's death.

"Kobe, I don’t know how to express what you mean to me, my family and the Los Angeles Lakers. My father loved you like a son, which makes us family," she captioned a picture of herself with the Bryant family. Buss went on to explain how Kobe was dedicated to showing his daughters that they can be just as strong and dominant as any man. 

"Kobe, you brought Gianna with you to spend some time with me. You explained that you wanted to show her that women can be leaders in the NBA, just like the men," she said when describing a lunch she shared with Kobe and Gianna following her father's—former Lakers owner, Dr. Jerry Buss—death. "At first, it seemed like an action of a devoted father setting an example for his daughter. But in actuality – and I am positively sure you knew EXACTLY what you were doing – what you did was give me the inspiration and strength I was searching for."

"For everything you did on the court that filled me with so much joy and love, for all the lives you changed through basketball itself, it was that day with Gigi that reignited my drive and determination," she continued.

Buss then turned her attention to the Bryant family and those impacted by his loss. She assured them that the entire Lakers nation is mourning with them, but it will also help them get through this trying time. 

"Vanessa, Natalia, Bianka, and Capri - I am so sorry for your loss. We are grateful to have you in our lives and we will always be here for you. To the families that also lost loved ones on Sunday, the entire Laker family mourns with you," Buss wrote. "We will mourn together, cry together but we will also heal together, love together and win TOGETHER. We love you."

The Lakers will play their first game since Bryant's death this coming Friday.

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