Kevin Durant Shoots Down Steve Kerr's Claim That the Warriors Need to Play With More 'Anger'

Kevin Durant disagreed with coach Steve Kerr's post-game comments.

Kevin Durant #35 and Head Coach Steve Kerr

Image via Getty/Adam Pantozzi

Kevin Durant #35 and Head Coach Steve Kerr

The Warriors' locker room seemed to be in disarray following the team's 128-95 blowout loss to the Boston Celtics, after Kevin Durant took issue with some of coach Steve Kerr's post-game assessments. 

When asked about what allowed the struggling Celtics to get the upper-hand on Golden State, the Warriors coach pointed to the attitudes of his players. 

"It starts with a passion and an anger and an intensity," Kerr explained. "And it wasn't there tonight."

This sentiment seemed to have rubbed KD the wrong way. When asked about Kerr's comments, the two-time Finals MVP suggested that both the players and the coaches need to reevaluate their approach.

"I thought we move off of Joy? Now anger? I disagree with that one," Durant said when asked about Kerr's comments. "I think all around—top to bottom, coaches, players—it just got to be better."

Durant then went on to detail how the aftermath of this frustrating loss isn't the time to single-out the emotions of just one person. 

"It's about how we all dealing with it... the whole team. The whole organization. We're family right?," KD said. "That's how we operate. I don't think there's anyone in that locker room is anything but upset with the game we played."

Although the Warriors are sitting atop the West, the team seems to be slightly off from the dominance they've displayed in recent years. With the loss to the Celtics, the Warriors have now had five home losses by 20 points or more this season. And although Warriors guard Steph Curry doesn't know what is causing these lackluster performances, he's hoping they figure it out before this year's playoff run. 

"I’d love to have some magic potion and say we can come out and play with better energy and better discipline and kind of rectify it," Curry said. "But we’ve got to, at some point, stop talking about it and figure it out."

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