Dana White Says Brock Lesnar Is 'Done' With the UFC

The UFC President claims Lesnar is officially 'done' fighting.

Brock Lesnar has straddled the worlds of the WWE and MMA for quite some time. The combatant has apparently finally chosen between the two. UFC President Dana White told TMZ that Lesnar is officially "done" with the UFC. White explained that Lesnar chose to negotiate a new deal with the WWE rather than step back into the octagon. 

"I don't know where he is in that other world," White admits in regards to Lesnar's partnership with the WWE. "I know he was looking into doing a new deal with Vince [McMahon] to stay in the WWE."

With his Anti-Doping Agency suspension expiring this month, Lesnar was once again available to compete in both the WWE and the UFC. This also set the stage for his potential match against UFC heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, who has been patiently waiting for Lesnar's ban to be lifted. But according to White, the potential money to be gained from the fight wasn't enough to bring Lesnar's heart back into the sport. 

"I've always had a good relationship with Brock. We've always dealt really well with each other," White continued. "You mentally have to be ready to fight. You have to be all in on fighting. And if you're not all in, then you shouldn't fight. He made the decision and it's the right decision."

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