LeBron James Was Heated After Getting Fouled By Dillon Brooks: 'He Punched Me In The Nose'

The feud between LeBron James and Dillon Brooks continued last night.

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The feud between LeBron James and Dillon Brooks continues.

What started last year in the playoffs has spilled into this season and might even keep going to the Olympics. Last night, in the Houston Rockets' 135-119 win over the Los Angeles Lakers, Brooks chopped James in the fence battling for a rebound in the fourth quarter.

LeBron James went down after being hit in the head by Dillon Brooks 😳

Hope he’s okay 🙏 pic.twitter.com/Dscxax4mlf

— ClutchPoints (@ClutchPoints) January 30, 2024
Twitter: @ClutchPoints

James was not happy about it. After staying down for a minute, he went to the officials to plead his case, and he got heated.

You could clearly see him pointing to his nose and saying that's where he got hit.

“He punched me in the nose!”

LeBron James was HEATED after getting smacked in the head by Dillon Brooks during the Lakers-Rockets game last night 😳

(via tbonemillr/IG)pic.twitter.com/HoZgvpwBdl

— ClutchPoints (@ClutchPoints) January 30, 2024
Twitter: @ClutchPoints

Earlier in the night, Jarred Vanderbilt of the Lakers was ejected for shoving Brooks. After the game, James didn't want to talk about Brooks or the foul.

"Next question," was all he could say.

LeBron James, when asked about Dillon Brooks:

"Next question."

🎥 @jovanbuhapic.twitter.com/hbwcfCCt9p

— The Athletic (@TheAthletic) January 30, 2024
Twitter: @TheAthletic

The feud seemed like a one-sided battle after last season's playoffs when LeBron's Lakers took out the Memphis Grizzlies with ease. This season, Brooks seems to have evened the odds. James even had respect for his competitor earlier in the season when he said Brooks was "worthy of the contract he got" from the Houston Rockets.

Here's the full timeline of the ongoing Brooks vs. James feud.

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