Shaquille O’ Neal has clap backs that are as sharp as his criticisms for Dwight Howard, which he made apparent after the now three-time Los Angeles Lakers player’s video impersonation of him. 

“I still got— I still got the Milwaukee Bucks winning,” Howard says in the video using a deep, slow baritone to mimic Shaq and bursting into laughter afterward. “I got Giannis— he’s the new Superman, so I think he’s going to win. Alright, Shaq— got dang!” 

Shaq seized the opportunity to shoot back at Howard with a quick repost on Instagram and a shady caption for the Los Angeles Lakers center. 

“Not bad @dwighthoward reminds me of your game SO SO,” he wrote. Such commentary skews similar to his recent thoughts about Howard and his heartfelt speech after winning the NBA championship with the Lakers last year.


According to Shaq, Howard didn’t do much for the team’s collective victory and considers him a “role player” who simply plays well. Leaving the subject of his criticism nameless, Shaq stated, “I ain’t gonna say no names. Sit your ass down, you ain’t do nothing,” and deemed anyone who poses as if they’re the foundation of a team championship win a “bandwagon jumper.” 

He took another dig at the eight-time All-Star player two weeks prior, which appears to be what triggered Howard’s Shaq impersonation video. While congratulating Giannis Antetokounmpo for “bringing [old] school bully basketball back,” he passed the baton onto the Greek Freak as the new (and one and only) Superman. When a fan mentioned that he’d passed the nickname on before, Shaq confirmed it with another slight at Howard. 

Yes I did,” he responded. “He earned it unlike some people.”