Jamie Foxx Walked Away in the Middle of Interview After Being Asked About Katie Holmes


Jamie Foxx might very well have a not-so-secret Valentine this year. Again.

TMZreports while being interviewed by SportsCenter's Michael Smith, Jamie Foxx walked off set and back onto the basketball court. Particularly, he stopped the conversation entirely once Smith inquired about the actor's possible relationship with actress Katie Holmes.

don’t ask jamie about katie, fam pic.twitter.com/E8hfdiBtGj

"Did you and Katie Holmes play basketball for Valentine's Day, like some real Love & Basketball?" Smith asked on the air, just before Foxx removed his headset and a crew member removed his microphone from the back of his hoodie.

This question was inspired by Entertainment Tonight's snapshots of the alleged couple's whereabouts on Wednesday afternoon.

The interviewed occurred Friday night before Foxx hit the hoops for the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.

According to People, the two's rare but revealing appearances together have been fueling gossip around their suspected romantic partnership for the past few years. In recent months, they've been spotted together on the beach in Malibu, at Foxx's 50th birthday party in December, and most recently, in January, at a pre-Grammy's party.

In fact, these same rumors have been going on since 2013. Only time will reveal their (maybe) hidden love.

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