Watch Yasiel Puig Pull Off One of the Craziest Slides Into Second Base That You'll Ever See

Dodgers rightfielder Yasiel Puig proved to be too quick and smooth to be tagged out at second base.

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Yasiel Puig is a true showman on the diamond. He's off to a fast start this season hitting .385/.500/.655, and today against the Diamondbacks, the Dodgers rightfielder showed no signs of letting up. 

During the fifth inning, Puig smacked what looked like a single hit into left field. In Puig fashion, he pulled into his bag of tricks and ran like a runaway train when he pulled a hustle double.

When a relay throw from the Diamondbacks outfield took their shortstop Jean Segura off the bag, somehow he couldn't tag Puig because he was able to pull off an incredible slide. Puig was able to miraculously avoid being tagged out by Segura's glove, as they both were facedown in the dirt, and the umpire ruled Puig to be safe on the slide.

Here's the play from another angle, which looked like an actual kid's game of tag on the playground.


Olly olly oxen FREE! Perfect timing.

The Dodgers ended up winning the game 4-2.

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