Two NASCAR Drivers Fight Because One Tapped the Other's Car During a Race

Two NASCAR drivers figtht after the Xfinity Series Zippo 200 race.

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If you have ever gotten into an car accident with a reckless driver, you may feel like you want to go ape shit on them. Especially if you know that the ding is not the result of your negligence, and they have put your life in danger.

When it comes to NASCAR drivers, logic may tell that that they really don't have much of an excuse for experiencing road rage. They aggressively drive on an average of 200 miles per hour, and drive approximately or greater than 100 laps on a track per race. It's their job to drive recklessly, right?

Well, NASCAR driver Regan Smith apparently finds himself as an exception to this concept. On Saturday, when Smith competed in the Xfinity Series Zippo 200 race at Glen Watkins International, Smith was displeased with how aggressive one of his competitors Ty Dillon was driving. Dillon’s number 3 car tapped into the side of Smith’s number 7 car after a restart on lap 47 at Turn 1. Yet it was too light of a tap on Smith's ride to bring out a caution.

After the race, Smith walked up to Dillon to discuss the matter. Apparently, the discussion didn't go to well. Both drivers went H.A.M. on each other, briefly getting into a scuffle that had to be broken up.

Plus, neither driver won the race. Here's what they had to say about the fight:

“I may have lost the championship today, but he sure as hell did, too,” Smith told NASCAR. “There’s zero chance the 3 car wins the championship, and I’m gonna make sure of it.”

Dillon was reportedly apologetic, except not for having to defend himself in the fight versus Smith. “He didn’t say much. He said he was going to wreck me, but uh, we’ll see. It was a mistake and my fault,” Dillon told NASCAR. Dillon added, “I was gonna go talk to him about it, but I guess he didn’t want to talk.”

He even stated his take on the situation via Twitter:

I wanna say I'm sorry first to my RCR team mates and the 7 guys for my mistakes I'm truly embarrassed I deserve anything said, but... (1of2)

— Ty Dillon (@tydillon) August 8, 2015

I will not take anyone pushing me around after a race that takes it to another level. All that said another top 5 gotta keep up the finishes

— Ty Dillon (@tydillon) August 8, 2015

Surely, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do sometimes when his masculinity is tested. But it's important to know that some people are just really sensitive about other people touching their cars. Take a quick lesson from this short scene with John Cusack in the 1986 film One Crazy Summer.

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