Ray Lewis Is a Special Guest at Pre-Inauguration Party for Donald Trump Hosted by Jim Brown

Jim Brown and Ray Lewis both met with Donald Trump earlier this month at Trump Tower in New York City.

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Earlier this month, heads turned and eyes popped when Jim Brown and Ray Lewis showed up at the Trump Tower with Kanye West in New York City to meet with president-elect Donald Trump. To those who know about Brown's legacy outside of his NFL Hall of Fame career, it seemed like a stark contrast for the longtime political activist and former NAACP board member to schmooze with The Donald and claim that he "fell in love" with the racially controversial businessman-turned-politician. As for Ray Lewis, it just seemed like another reason for him to remain in the spotlight by any means necessary.

If it didn't make you cringe enough about Brown and Lewis, there will be a pre-inauguration party on Jan. 19 in Washington D.C., and Brown has been tapped to be a host of the event. Lewis will be one of the guests of honor at the event. Trump tweeted the promo flyer for the event on Friday, which you can see below.

Since 2016 gave us the most agonizing year in recent memory, this is really nothing in comparison to so many other horrible occurrences. Lewis will probably give one of his tear-jerking motivational speeches on how to make it in a Trump America. If that helps whoever attends the party.

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