LeBron James Took 5,000 Kids to an Ohio Amusement Park

LeBron James took 5,000 kids to Cedar Point amusement park as part of his "I Promise" initiative.

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LeBron James continued his community activism with Ohio-based children on Tuesday by taking them to the Cedar Point amusement park. And this wasn't just a bunch of his son's friends or even a basketball camp with just a couple hundred kids that he footed the bill for. Try 5,000 kids and their families.

According to TMZ Sports, this is part of King James' annual trips for childrenf rom his hometown of Akron, Ohio to focus on their education before entering his "I Promise" initiative. The program offers a free college education after high school to students who excel in the classroom.

Families of the kids came along to the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. A representative of the park gave a statement about the experience that the four-time MVP and world champion Cavalier is providing for them: "It’s an honor to work with a wonderful, dedicated group of people who provide so much to Northeast Ohio—and we’re happy to provide a 'Best Day' experience for their program families here at the park.”

James partnered with Chase Bank to pay the entrance fees for the kids and their families into the park. So now with all the speculation settled about LeBron possibly leaving Cleveland after winning an NBA title put to rest, we can see that he is really putting his money were his mouth by building his charity foundation there.

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