Kevin Durant and His Ferrari Clear Traffic for Ambulance Emergency

Kevin Durant used his Ferrari and star power to part traffic for an ambulance responding to an emergency call.

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Kevin Durant is a hometown hero to Oklahoma City, and not just because of his play for the Thunder. For the past eight seasons, KD has proven that he is a man of the people through his extraordinary play and charity work, which includes him donating a million dollars after tornadoes wreaked havoc in Oklahoma.

The Thunder All-Star proved he was the "real MVP"  again when he came to the rescue of two ambulances that were stuck in OKC rush hour traffic Saturday, according to News 9 in Oklahoma City. Apparently, the EMSA paramedics were unable to navigate the gridlock, so Durant pulled up next to the ambulances in his Ferrari to get their attention. "We were stuck in traffic, so pretty much cars surrounding us all over,” EMSA paramedic Peter Radford told News 9. "All of a sudden, I see a silver Ferrari or a silver sports car pull in behind us."

Durant used his star power to part traffic so the paramedics could answer their emergency call in a timely fashion. Radford tells the story:

"I see this Ferrari has it's flashers on. It's actually making way for us to get through and navigate all the traffic. And my partner goes 'Do you have any idea who that is?' And of course I'm clueless. 'That's Kevin Durant.' He waves to me. I just thought that was so cool that someone like Kevin Durant would take the time to assist this emergency vehicle getting to an emergency call,.

Radford added that because of the time they saved thanks to Durant, the ambulance was able to more quickly get to a second call and help a young woman with cancer. "So it's this positive ripple effect that you might not even realize by doing these little acts of kindness," Radford said. Durant humbly played down his involvement to reporters later.

"I saw the ambulance from behind me, and it was kind of slow in front of me, and I moved over. I said, 'I'm just going to follow the ambulance so I can get through traffic real quick.' So I moved over. I can't take full credit for that."

We all know Durant is a good Samaritan at heart, though, and it appears he's comfortable being Superman right where he is.

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