Injured Leonard Fournette Shoves Florida Coach in Pregame Scuffle, Then Gets Cleared to Play

Fournette was in a warmup suit before the game, and asked LSU head coach Ed Orgeron to clear him to play against the Gators.

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Before the kickoff of the Florida-LSU game, both of the SEC rivals got into a scrap on the field at Tigers Stadium. LSU's star running back and Heisman hopeful Leonard Fournette was on the injured list for today's game, but he got real live when he began to shoved Florida defensive backs coach Torrian Gray.

Fournette was in his LSU warmup suit, but got in the mix with his teammates against the Gators during both team's mutual warmup time on the field. At the 15-second mark in the clip above, you will see Fournette suddenly shove Gray, to which the Gators coach seemingly looked at him and asked why he pushed him. Fournette continued to push him, and then fellow Gators coaches and some of its team members came to Gray's defense. The police security subsequently jumped in to separate the parties before things got out of hand.

Then Fournette had reportedly asked LSU's interim head coach Ed Orgeron if he could suit up for the game. So Orgeron obliged to clear him.

If you know the SEC by any stretch, it's that the conference's fans and players eat, sleep, and breath that SEC football. So Fournette wasn't going to pass up this chance to take it to the Gators to get the W after both teams got into the fracas before the kickoff.

Pregame scuffles between opposing teams are nothing new in college football, but it's seldom that we hear about stories of players getting into shoving matches with opposing team coaches.

16-10 was the final score. Fournette had only 40 rushing yards on 12 carries, and no touchdowns. So looking like a hero for the Tigers didn't really do his team any good today.

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