Atlanta Braves Manager Learned He Was Fired From Airline Confirmation Email

Atlanta Braves manager Fredi González learned he was fired from an email confirmation for an early flight home.

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With a record of 9-28, one of the worst starts in the Atlanta Braves' franchise history, team manager Fredi González has been fired.

He had been on the hot seat after an 18-loss April, with many predicting repercussions from the team's front office. Apparently, González received news of his termination on Tuesday in the worst way. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, González was sent an email about a airline flight confirmation. Much to his surprise, the flight was booked by team president of baseball operations John Hart, who flew to Pittsburgh to join general manager John Coppolella to deliver González the bad news of his termination.

González spoke on the timing and of him being fired, saying: "I don’t think there’s a perfect time to do it. I think you do it when they feel like the time is right, so they did it.  ...I will tell you this, through all this stuff my team played hard. They busted their asses. They had to answer questions that they shouldn’t have to answer about the manager, and per man they all handled it with class and they played their asses off."

The 52-year old former manager mentioned that he spoke with Braves players after he got the news about being canned. "I’ve spoken to half a dozen of them, saw a couple of them in the lobby when I was checking out,
he said. "It was nice to manage Freddie Freeman for six years and see him grow up to become an established major league player, and grown up, and mature, and become a father here soon. To watch him go through that process, and Julio Teheran and those guys, it was nice."

This is second time since 2010—the first with the Marlins—González has been fired as manager.

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