Bengals Commit Two Costly Personal Foul Penalties, Lose to Steelers in Stunning Fashion

Bengals lose after two penalty cost them the AFC Wild Card versus the Steelers.

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The Steelers and Bengals game on Saturday night's second AFC Wild Card playoff game was one of the strangest playoff games we've ever seen. 

The Steelers held a 15-0 lead entering the fourth quarter but the Bengals scored 16 unanswered points, helped by the fact Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger went down with a right shoulder-injury.  Bengals fans were being their tactful selves and started throwing trash at him as he was being carter off the field.

Bengals fans threw garbage at Ben Roethlisberger as he was carted off after injury:

— SB Nation (@SBNation) January 10, 2016

Things got extra crazy in the final minute when the Steelers drove the field, led by a clearly injured Roethlisberger, desperately attempting to extend their season with short passes. The Bengals were flagged for two crucial personal foul penalties on an incomplete pass to Antonio Brown in Cincinnati territory. First, Vontaze Burfict was penalized for a vicious hit on a defenseless Brown and then Adam "Pacman" Jones picked up a second flag when he argued about Steelers assistant Joey Porter's appearance on the field while Brown a concussed Brown was being attended to.

In one play, the Bengals racked up 30 yards in penalties, moving the Steelers into easy field goal range so Chris Boswell could kick a game-winning 35-yard field goal Final score, Steelers 18, Bengals 16.  Cincinnati's Marvin Lewis is now the first coach to go 0-7 in the playoffs. 

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