NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Suggests the League Might Play a Regular-Season Game in South Africa

The NBA continues to go global.

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Over the last decade or so, the NBA has made a big push to take its brand global. That has included sending superstars overseas to Europe and Asia and, in some cases, even playing regular-season games in cities like London (sorry for the product we sent over last season, guys!). Now, it sounds like NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has his sights set on trying to expand into Africa.

Silver is currently in Johannesburg, South Africa to watch Chris PaulLuol Deng, and others participate in an exhibition game on August 1. He's also scouting arenas in the area that might be a good fit for a future preseason or regular-season game.

"Part of why I'm here is to continue to investigate new facilities," Silver said. "We would want a larger, more modern arena for a regular or preseason game here. And it's also to test the response here. These things just take time, but I'm very confident that in the not-too-distant future we will be playing, to begin with, a preseason game on the continent of Africa."

Will this actually lead to a game taking place in South Africa? Stay tuned.

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