The Most Outrageous Athlete Names, Ranked: Ho You Fat, Noah Knigga, & More

From Steeve Ho You Fat to Kool-Aid McKinstry, we ranked the most outrageous athlete names we've seen in sports.

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High school sports star Noah Knigga took the internet by storm this week after his last name caught steam when he announced he would be visiting West Virginia University as a football recruit. Twitter, now known as X, did what Twitter does and flooded social media with jokes, rants, and analysis of Knigga's name. In an interview with Robert Griffin III, Knigga and his family clarified that the pronunciation was "Kuh-nay-guh" to try to clear up the narrative that has spread all over the country but the damage had been done. 

Knigga is one of many athletes we've seen with names that trigger a reaction immediately. The trend seems to be most common with football players on the collegiate level but it dates back to times before the internet was even in existence. Who can forget the famous Key and Peele skit mimicking football players with outrageous names? While a lot of the names may be unfamiliar based off pedigree, there are still legends like Dick Butkus that fit into this category. 

From Steeve Ho You Fat to Kool-Aid McKinstry, we ranked the 15 most outrageous athlete names we've seen in sports. 


The Knigga Family went viral so I decided to sit down and get to know the Knigga’s behind the name.

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17. Wolfgang Wolf

16. Two-Boys Gumede

15. Kyle Sackrider

14. Steve Sharts

13. Moh Bility

12. Dick Butkus

11. Pig Cage

10. Kool-Aid McKinstry

9. Will Clapp

8. Da'Realyst Clark

7. Decoldest Crawford

6. General Booty

🚨 BREAKING: QB General Booty making position change to Tight End. #OUDNA

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5. Lucious Pusey

Okay, there is a college football player named Luscious Pusey...How Is it not illegal to name a child Luscious Pusey!?!

— Jordan Peele (@JordanPeele) December 7, 2012
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4. Dick Trickle

3. Chubby Cox

2. Noah Knigga

Knigga can hoop too 👀 @KniggaNoah

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1. Steeve Ho You Fat

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