Russell Westbrook, Isaiah Thomas and More: Complex News at NBA All-Star 2016

Complex News catches up with a handful of NBA All-Stars at Mountain Dew's Courtvision.

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On Saturday, Complex News posted up at Mountain Dew's COURTVISION event in Toronto, where we caught up with a handful of 2016 NBA All-Stars, including Russell Westbrook and Isaiah Thomas. 

During our chats, we learned that Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson has a stash of clothes in his car (in case he has to level up his swag), Isaiah Thomas explained his connection to Nipsey Hussle lyrics, and Russell Westbrook doled out some fashion advice to help me not be so struggle. There's also a #PuppyMonkeyBaby appearance as well.

For more from COURTVISION, check out the video above. To see our chat with James Harden, check out the video embedded below.

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