Bo Jackson vs. Sean Evans at the FanDuel WFBC Home Run Derby

Complex News competes agains Bo Jackson during FanDuel's WFVC Home Run Derby in Las Vegas.

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Growing up, the '90s era Chicago White Sox were my life. In fact, some of my earliest memories involve going to the then newly opened Comiskey Park with my dad to watch Frank Thomas, Bo Jackson and Robin Ventura smash balls into the ocean blue bleachers. So, you can imagine how excited I was to be invited to compete in FanDuel's WFBC Home Run Derby in Las Vegas—which featured Bo as a last second addition to the field.

I was fairly confident going into this challenge. With the exception of Bo, the competitors were 95-percent fantasy sports dudes wearing cargo shorts. I guess the sports world will always wonder, "What would've happened if the kid threw Sean a couple of strikes?"

Check out the video above.


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