The Best NBA Player Podcasts Right Now, Ranked

From Kevin Durant to Draymond Green to Paul George, NBA player podcasts have dominated the media industry as of late. We ranked the best player podcasts out right now.

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In the words of Draymond Green, the "New Media" is taking over the NBA. NBA players, retired and active, are transitioning into media members daily with their podcasts. Player-led podcasts have saturated the media industry and have led basketball discourse online among NBA fans. While platforms like All The Smoke and Knuckleheads started this new era of player-led podcasts, newer pods like Podcast P with Paul George and The Draymond Green Show are revolutionizing the podcast industry. 

Instead of waiting to hear from a player during a postgame press conference or a spontaneous interview from a major media outlet, players are taking control of their own narratives with podcasts. We've seen Draymond detail moments like his beef with Dillon Brooks from his podcast. We've seen JJ Redick bring on Ben Simmons to voice the struggles he went through in Philadelphia for the first time. Yes, social media can provide that avenue too but a podcast allows you to go in depth without the limitation of characters.

We curated a list of the best NBA player podcast in the game right now. 

Honorable mention: CJ McCollum(The CJ McCollum Show), Duncan Robinson (The Long Shot), Richard Jefferson & Channing Frye (Road Trippin')

11. Austin Rivers

Twitter: @ClutchPoints

10. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce

Twitter: @ComplexSports

9. Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles

Twitter: @espn

8. Patrick Beverley

7. Kevin Durant

Twitter: @boardroom

6. Jeff Teague

Twitter: @LeBeautiiful

5. Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson

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4. Gilbert Arenas

Twitter: @big_business_

3. Draymond Green

Twitter: @BleacherReport

2. JJ Redick

Twitter: @OldManAndThree

1. Paul George

Twitter: @big_business_

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